"Revolution" is a Moon Man song that was recorded for his White AmeriKKKa album.

Lyrics Edit

I just call my homie and he say he got a nig He said he got a pussy nigger with a hundred pricks So we gonna shoot up on them, lynch up on them with them sticks Peeling to pop up at his crib

Like a fucking magic trick, hocus pocus To the safe like you ace, nigger, open, focus But this cab of niggers riding like a locomotive Where the cash at? Show me where your stash at

Before I let the forty in ya eye and leave that ass flat Pussy-ass niggers, man it's tax season Make a move and this mothafuckin mack's squeezing Act decent, bet them hollows leave your back leaking

Niggers searching for the chicken like we crack vending I got a hundred klansmen on my team Young niggers getting greasier than vaseline King had a dream, Moonman with the mack magazines

Put a nigger on the cover of a magazine Home invasion, newspaper got a man down Hold his nigger legs, I will tie his hands down Let them chase it, just to know we ain't playing 'round

Ye ain't gotta get up on your knees, nigger's head down Fucka, you fuckin with the shada I'm shooting 2pac, My Ambitionz as a Ridah I got the wok, trying to get it for my mama

And we gonna flush everything if them boys get behind us Because we ain't coming home I'm in another zone Riding with my dogs, we just want another bone

I got another kid He has an extra chromosome If I ain't getting to the money nigger Then there's something wrong

Man On The Moon Productions 2015 Yeah Wow! KKK

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