Rie Yamabishi (山菱理恵 Yamabishi Rie?) is a fictional character in the manga series Spriggan created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa. A close friend of Yu Ominae during their orphanage days in the United States, she is a child prodigy who graduated from Cornell University by the age of 16.[1]


Born in Japan, she was orphaned at a young age when her parents died.[2] Brought to an orphanage in the United States, she befriended another orphan named Yu Ominae for a number of years before she was subsequently adopted by her American relatives.[1] When she was at the orphanage, she felt reclusive since she didn't befriend any of the orphans except Yu because he was nice to her.[3]

After studying in the United States, Rie was eventually admitted into Cornell University with a degree in Linguistics, with a specialty in ancient languages at the age of 16, being hailed as a genius.[4]

Journey HomeEdit

She returned to Japan after receiving a report from Yamamoto that Yu Ominae had been "spotted" somewhere in the country with a request to investigate the Fire Orb.[5] However, she was targeted by CIA agents after arriving in New Tokyo International Airport. Rescued by Yu in time before she could be transported to a CIA safehouse, Rie was brought back to ARCAM's Japanese headquarters. She was targeted again by soldiers of the US Armored Corps. after a squadron of them had infiltrated ARCAM's Japanese headquarters building by brute force while maintaining stealth. Yu once again came to her rescue and subdued them.

Later on, she is targeted by Spetsnaz forces in the Japanese countryside led by Japanese KGB agent Koichi Moroha. Initially thought to be dead when she was trapped in the Fire Orb temple, she was found to be safe since the area was built to withstand intense heat.

ARCAM DutiesEdit

After doing some decoding on the Mappa mundi to locate other out-of-place artifacts, Rie was once again targeted for kidnapping. This time, brainwashed soldiers of COSMOS of the US Army staged a daring night raid on ARCAM's Japanese main branch and kidnapped her and Akiha Ominae, Yu's adopted sister, as a means to lure out Yu and the other Spriggans in order to kill them off. Fortunately, Jean Jacquemonde had a hand in rescuing the two from their COSMOS captors.

Nearing the end of the series, Rie was "forced" to head to the South Pole and work on accessing the Fire Snake with Yoshino's help to find a way in using it from within the South Pole Shrine. However, she and some of the others, including Dr. Ramdi, Yamamoto and Yoshino Somei had decided to resist Larry Markson's efforts to use the fiery beast and release it from the South Pole.


What happens afterwards is unknown. It is believed that she was extracted from the South Pole when Steve Foster used the S.S. Rosinante to bring her out of the area.[6]


Rie is a nice and kind girl, wanting to reunite with Yu Ominae since he was her only friend in her youth. Her mere presence in ARCAM's Japanese headquarters is enough for Yu to get angry since he fears her safety. Most readers would speculate a relationship to form between these two from the two situations. On the other hand, her knowledge of the ancient languages has helped ARCAM stay one step ahead of their adversaries in securing the ancient relics from being used for their own purposes, which makes a viable kidnap victim by either various countries or by paramilitary forces.

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