River Roads Mall was an enclosed shopping mall located in the city of Jennings, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, United States, Opened in 1962, as one of the nation's first shopping malls, The mall declined in the 1990's, becoming a dead mall and eventually being shuttered in 1995, Demolition of the long vacant mall began in 2006. 

History Edit

Opened in 1962, the mall originally featured St. Louis based Stix, Baer & Fuller as its main anchor store as well as kroger supermarket and a woolworth dime store, Walgreens operated a store in the mall as well, a 1970's expansion brought JCPenney as a second store, Dillard's bought the Stix, Baer & Fuller in 1984, converting all stix stores to the dillard's name, However the River Roads Mall store was closed not long afterward in 1986, JCPenney converted all stores of JCPenney Outlet Store in 1984, Woolworth's closed the River Roads location in 1991, During the chain's earliest rounds of store closures, By the early of 1990s, the mall was briefly renamed the St. Louis Consumer Center.  

Food for LessEdit

River Roads Mall's kroger was converted to an independent supermarket called Food for Less after kroger pulled out of the St. Louis market in 1986, Food for less was the last operating store at River Roads Mall because they owned the land of the store, Despite's the mall 1995 closure and 2006 demolition Food for less stayed open for business through their external entrance and access to the mall from the Food for less store was blocked off, Food for less finally closed in 2009 and their store, the final standing piece of River Roads Mall was demolished in 2011. 

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