Template:Infobox writer Robert Mclean (born 12 January 1988) is a Scottish former semi-professional video gamer based in his home town of Aberdeen. On 11 October 2007 Mclean became the first ever player from the United Kingdom to win the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) European Championship in Seville. The event took place at the prestigious Olympic stadium and Mclean won the final against close friend Mark Gardiner.

Mclean was involved in controversy in March 2007 when he was suspended from the official PESRankings for allegedly entering a fake score. This was never proven and was the cause of much debate in the community. Mclean since made a succesful return to competition reaching the quarter finals of the 2009 PESRankings Grand Finals before losing to eventual winner Leng Jay. Mclean is held in high regard and is arguably the greatest ever competitive PES player from the UK. Mclean has played showmatches against several professional footballers such as John Terry and Cesc Fabregas. Mclean has not been active since 2009 although there have been several rumours he will return at various points.

Notable achievementsEdit

Pro Evolution Soccer Major Event AchievementsEdit


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