Roca Skolia, also known as Roca, is the Foreign Affairs Councillor of the Skolian Imperialate, in the Saga of the Skolian Empire books by Catherine Asaro. She is a Rhon psion and the daughter of the late Lahaylia Selei, founder of the Imperialate and her husband, former Imperator Jarac Skolia. She is also younger sister of the recent Skolian Pharaoh Dyhianna Selei and as such next in line for position of Ruby Pharaoh and of Assembly Key in the Triad between the disappearance of Taquinil Selei and the birth of Althor Izam-na Selei. Since her personality is most like that of her late father and her late son Kurj Skolia, she is also considered an emergency backup choice for the position of Military Key in case something should ever happen to her youngest son, Kelric Valdoria, the current Imperator.

Roca was formerly a renowned dancer known under the name Cya Liessa, and possesses a remarkably aesthetic appeal. With her tall and well-shaped figure, angelic face, golden skin and eyes and long curly golden, copper and platinum hair she looks like a sun goddess and most men are stunned by her appearance. Nobody would guess her to be more than 20 years old, yet she is already over 100. She is very kind and loves her family above everything, but she can be also very resolute and strong-willed. She is a brilliant politician who strongly participates in Skolian politics and won the position of the Foreign Affairs Councilor by election, not because of her royal title.

Roca was married three times.

Her first marriage to the explorer Tokaba Ryestar was arranged by her parents with reference to the necessity to produce Rhon offspring (which is only possible with a suitable partner). Sadly, it ended after only a few years with her husband's untimely death. Roca had a son named Kurj from this marriage, who was born as a product of in-vitro fertilization.

Roca's second marriage with Darr Hammerjackson was a disaster. He abused both her and her son for several years, before they finally divorced.

The third and final marriage of Roca Skolia was to the much younger Eldrinson Althor Valdoria from a provincial planet called Lyshriol. Eldrinson was a perfect match to Roca - the first Rhon born in Skolian Empire who wasn't a member of the ruling family of Skolia. Roca and Eldrinson have 10 children. Many of them play or played an important role in Skolian politics and military forces.

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