Rock Krusher

Real name Edmund Scarry
Background Prison Inmate
CROOKS Position Henchmen.
Trademark Features Wears a prison uniform. Carries a jackhammer he uses as a weapon.
Extra Specialty All brawn, but little brains. Likes being in prison, but he breaks out often to assist in Big Boss' crooked schemes
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of The Lowest Crime, The Case of the Missing Memory, The Case of The Boy Who Cried Sea Monster, The Case of The Rock And Roll Robbers, The Case of The Stuck-up Blimp, The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1, The Case of The Prison Break-in, The Case of Iceberg Pirates, The Case of The Kangaroo Caper, The Case of The Stash Cash, The Case of The Red Hot Hoodlum. The Case of The Spotless Kingpin
Voiced by Brent Ticomb

Rock Krusher (Real name: Edmund Scarry, voiced by Brent Ticomb) is a cartoon character in the C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989.

Character ProfileEdit

Rock Krusher ("Demolisher" in Brazilian version) is a jailbird literally. He is a prison inmate who's easily identified with a prison uniform, a ball and chain (only in the toy and comic series) and a jackhammer he carries around to drill his way into highly secure areas to perform heists and to shake things up for the C.O.P.S. He has a Bald head, is big on muscles, but low on brains (though still smarter than Berserko), and is capable of not fazing at all when a rock hits him in the head and shatters to many pieces (as shown in The Case of The Prison Break-In), Krusher is one of Big Boss' most closest and strongest of henchmen who don't mind being in prison at all, unless Big Boss needs him again for another caper in the making.

Character HighlightsEdit

The Case of The Prison Break-inEdit

Krusher, as a matter of fact, did a major caper of his own, when he and Greasy, one of his cell inmates, took control of Graystone Prison and trapped all of the prison guards in a large force shield made by the De-Controller. An invention Scratch, Big Boss' pet weasel brought to him in The Case of The Prison Break-in. Then, He demands Mayor Davis and Commissioner Highwaters to meet up with his demands by 6:00 p.m. or else he will disintegrate Empire City Hall completely using a large disintegrating device known as the Neutron Pulverizer that causes everything to disintegrate.

One of the demands being made by Rock Krusher worth mentioning is for Krusher to have his own TV show called Krusher's Playhouse, which is a reference to Pee Wee's Playhouse, a popular TV show starring Pee Wee Herman, of course.

Meanwhile, "Maddog" A.K.A. Bowser, who went undercover as a prison inmate, sneaks into the control room and informed the rest of the C.O.P.S. team about Krusher's plan just before Krusher came and destroy the communication device cutting off all communication in the process. The C.O.P.S. begin to worry about their friend and what to do to stop Krusher's plan until BulletProof had an idea. "We'll Break into the prison the same way prisoners break out." he suggested and that's what they did. Mace and Barricade broke in through the laundry truck, Mainframe and LongArm broke in through the ventilation shaft, and Blitz was able to break in just by tunneling in through the walls.

Blitz dug his way into prison and went after Krusher, who climbed up the Neutron Pulverizer to escape from him. Undaunted Blitz raced several floors upward and made a huge leap in the air and lands himself on Krusher's back just as a fight ensues between Krusher and Bowser on the cockpit of the device after he realizes who "Mad Dog" really is thanks to Blitz who put Krusher into prison a while back. Mainframe freed the guards and a huge brawl erupted between the guards and the inmates that eventually ended with Bowser blasting the device to get their attention and shouting out to the inmates, "Freeze! We're C.O.P.S.! You're All Under Arrest!" And the guards cheered out their victory.

Krusher tried to escape but was eventually found himself back into his own prison cell in the end after he and Greasy were trapped in the ventilation shaft for 2 weeks trying to find their way out.

The Case of The Red Hot HoodlumEdit

In The Case of the Red Hot Hoodlum, Krusher stole a special flaming suit that causes the wearer to go up in flames literally. With this special suit, he is able to create successful heists and escape from any trap C.O.P.S. laid out for him just by burning through walls and floors and incinerate anything in his path, until they are able to lead Krusher onto the Mountback Blimp, where, with the help of Nancy and Cathleen, who were there checking out a jewel exhibit on display on the blimp, they are able to trap Krusher by tricking him into melting through the floor to the outside of the blimp, causing him to get stuck through the blimp's bottom, screaming for help since his head is facing down below the city many, many feet up in the air and he's trying to hang on for his dear life. Krusher gave up at that point and was placed back behind bars where he belong.

C.O.P.S. for KidsEdit

In one of the C.O.P.S. for Kids PSA segments, Rock Krusher, sitting in his cell in prison, talks about his younger days when he, at one time, joined up with a street gang that got involved with a deadly brawl against a rival gang one night. He escaped and was lucky that he was merely arrested afterwards and not killed like some of his friends were.

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