Roger Apsinall
Waterloo Road
Portrayed by Nick Sidi
Duration 2007
First appearance Series 2, Episode 1
Last appearance Series 2, Episode 12
Cause/reason Asked to leave
Created by Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick
Occupation Chair of Governors
Sponsor Governor
Title Mr

Roger Aspinall was a fictional character in the BBC television drama series Waterloo Road. He was portrayed by Nick Sidi.

Governors Edit

Roger was an investor at Waterloo Road school, where Jack Rimmer, and Kim Campbell were suspicious of his plans for the school. When Rimmer discovered that Roger's main source of income was pornography, he used this information to blackmail Aspinall into recommending him for the headteacher's position. Despite Aspinall's support, another candidate was preferred, but left when she saw Rimmer being physically assaulted by a pupil and Rimmer was offered the position.

Head of English Grantly Budgen had been Aspinall's teacher at the school some 30 years previously, and taunted him about his dyslexia and level of academic achievement. Aspinall later found Budgen asleep on duty and reported him to the acting head Andrew Treneman. Budgen was fired but Treneman regretted taking Jack Rimmer's place as acting head and resigned. Rimmer re-hired Budgen, to the chagrin of Aspinall who continues to look for an opportunity to discredit him.

As a school governor, Aspinall was ruthless and determined in his plans for the school, but made enemies in the process. Finding out that his son Brett had had a relationship with school secretary Davina Shackleton, he demanded her sacking, and Jack Rimmer finally lost patience and told him to leave.

Personal life Edit

Roger has had a distant relationship with his son Brett, who was disgusted by his father's affair with another woman while his mother was terminally ill, as well as his plans for the school. Roger tried on a number of occasions to repair the relationship, but only when it fit in with his busy schedule.

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