Ronald Wiedermeier is a fictional character from the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. Ronald is played by actor Andy Mackenzie and only appears in one episode in the entire series, episode #79 ("Repeated Blows to His Unformed Head") during Season 4 of the TV series. Ronald is known as the man who Berta, housekeeper of Charlie Harper, mistakenly believes and blames for getting her daughter, Naomi, pregnant, and subsequently running off on Naomi without owing up to his responsibilities as a father. Ronald lives in a fictional run-down Los Angeles area neighborhood known as "Rancho Pacoima."[1] After consoling Berta in the bathroom at Charlie's Malibu Beach House, Berta has Charlie drive them out to Ronald's house to confront Ronald over having impregnated Naomi.[2] Initially, Berta introduces herself and Charlie as cops, known as "Scully" (Berta) and "Molder" (Charlie). Charlie then asks Ronald if he can use his bathroom and Ronald, afraid that the "cops" will discover his Meth Lab, tells Charlie that the bathroom "isn't functioning...correctly" and that they use the "Chevron" gas station up the block from Ronald's house. Berta finally tells the truth of why they paid Ronald a visit and confronts Ronald and extorts $5,000 from him. Meanwhile, Charlie is desperately looking for a place to go to the bathroom as he has had to go since he found Berta crying in his own bathroom back at his Malibu Beach house.

Ronald lives with his wife, Darlene, in a run-down house in Rancho Pacoima, where they run a Meth Lab. Darlene's voice can be heard in the background, but she is never seen on camera. After talking with Berta for awhile, Darlene inadvertenely causes an explosion of the Meth Lab while she smokes. This explosion causes Charlie to wet his pants and say, "Well, what do you know? I don't have to pee anymore."

At the end of the episode, in the hospital after Naomi gives birth to her new Daughter, Brittany-Pam, she reveals that she had been counting back the weeks and that Ronald couldn't be the father after all. According to Naomi, Ronald was in a burn unit at the time of her impregnation. She adds, "He wanted to but his skin kept sliding off." The episode ends with Berta saying to Naomi, "Guess what, honey? I got you $4,000" thereby implying that Berta will keep $1,000 for herself and give the rest to Naomi. This also means that Berta still has no intention of returning the money to Ronald and/or apologizing to him for the error.[3]


  • Ronald: (answers the door) What?
  • Berta: You Ronald?
  • Ronald: No.
  • Darlene: Ronald, who is it?
  • Ronald: Damnit, Darlene, we're incognito, Remember!?!?

  • Charlie: Listen, can I use your bathroom.
  • Ronald: (afraid of the "cops" discovering his Meth Lab) No, it's not functioning...correctly. We use the Chevron up the block from here. Good-Bye. (attempts to close the door on Charlie and Berta)
  • Berta: (pushing the door against Ronald) No Good-Bye. Here's the deal, Ronald. You knocked up my daughter and I want to know what you're going to do about it!

  • Darlene: (while smoking in the Meth Lab) Uh-oh! (Giant Explosion of the Meth Lab)
  • Ronald: Damnit, Darlene, I told you not to smoke in there.
  • Charlie: Well, I don't have to pee anymore.

  • Charlie: Damn that Ronald Wienermeier
  • Berta: Wiedermeier
  • Charlie: Him too.


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