The Rowdyruff Boys were first introduced in anime version in Powerpuff Girls Z, Episode 20- "The Rowdyruff Boys". They also made appearences in Episode 42- "Rowdyruff Girls" & in the PPGZ Movie. Different from the original version of the Powerpuff Girls animated TV series, the Rowdyruff Boys are rarely shown in Powerpuff Girls Z, but it is clear that in their first appearance.... they "flirt" with the girls, until returning to Mojo Jojo.

Episode 20 Edit

Mojo Jojo uses dog hairs, his own DNA (and the girls'), and Chemical Z, to create the Rowdyruff Boys. They introduce themselves as Brick, Boomer, and Butch. Not long after, they complain that they are hungry; so Mojo lets them outside, only to find that the boys actually plan to cause havoc in the city (which leads Mojo to get many beatings by the citizens).

After the Powerpuff Girls Z get a call from Professor Utonium, they track down Mojo Jojo but discover it was really the Rowdyruff Boys causing the trouble. Mojo becomes relieved that Powerpuff Girls Z has arrived and leaves the boys in their hands. At first, the girls plan to fight them, but the boys make the first move. Blossom tells them to knock it off and the boys start to leave. But after she touches Brick's shoulder asking them where they are going, Brick, Boomer, and Butch realize they've been given the cooties and make a big deal about it.

The girls start to make fun of them for believing in such nonsense, then the boys attack them (though the girls manage to resist fighting back). When the girls threaten them, the boys do something the girls didn't expect: The boys slap the girls' butts (Brick slapping Blossom's, Boomer slapping Bubbles', Butch slapping Buttercup's).

(It was expected that the look on the girls' faces after being slapped by the boys meant they "liked" the boys but never actually show it; however, Buttercup chases after them, and after the girls reach the boys, they get mooned and become totally "embarassed".)

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