Ruathym is a location on Faerûn, a fictional continent, the primary setting of the Forgotten Realms, for Dungeons & Dragons.


Ruathym is a kingdom of Faerûn.[1]

The home of raiders and pirates, Ruathym is a land of bold, proud humans and a seagoing breed of dwarves.[1]

Ruathym is a rocky, forbidding land, its coast riven with deep fjords and clear bays. The land itself has stands of magnificent pines that are protected from cutting by the authority of the First Axe, to prevent indiscriminate shipbuilding. The land is mostly civilized, with few wild creatures. Its greatest danger is the Northmen themselves, a lusty, violent people 'two steps up from barbarians,' in the words of one Waterdhavian mercenary recruiter.[1]

Ruathym is also the ancestral home of the Northmen who settled in the Moonshae Isles. The island is a regular combatant with the coastal city of Luskan. Ruathym is united under the iron grip of First Axe Aumark Lithyl , who consolidated four petty kingdoms on the island into a single unified nation during a war with Luskan in 1357 DR.[1]

“Fiercer than the Moonshaes — all cold and howling storms or chilling fogs over a land that's mostly peaks falling sharp into the sea. Ranches and farms, yes, and a few small forests, but mostly barren and hard, like the folk who dwell there. War raiders who'd knife you as soon as trade with you — why pay for your goods when they can take it for free? Not a pleasure destination.”[2]


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