The Ruins of Chasolné are a fictional location in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. They are ruins in the country of Halruaa.

A bizzare remnant of a civilization that predates the arrival of the Netherese, Chasolné lies on the coast of the Great Sea at the southern tip of the East Wall, close to the Bay of Pirates and Yaulazna. Two massive stone heads, rising a good 500 feet above the water, with exaggerated features have been carved out of the cliffs that border the ocean here. The left one has the mouth open in the expression of a roar, while the right one has a serious, stately look and a short beard. The two great heads flank an open space in which a winding, narrow staircase leads up the side of the cliff from a narrow strip of sandy beach. Cut directly into the rock, the stairs ascend for more than a quarter-mile above sea level to a well-hidden outcropping that also faces the sea[citation needed].

Atop this rocky ledge are some crumbled and tumbling ruins, plus a large stone table -- possibly an altar -- carved with bizarre sea life and odd-looking ocean vessels[attribution needed]. Flanking this table are two wide, shallow, stone bowls, their interiors blackened from oil fires. Set back into the cliff face to the rear of the outcropping are two sets of columns that flank the mouth of a tunnel, which opens into a large, high-domed chamber with no other apparent exits.

More than a few adventurers have visited Chasolné in hopes of discovering more about the area and finding any hidden treasures that might lie inside.

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