Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage
Directed by Sam Dunn
Scot McFayden
Produced by Sam Dunn
Scot McFayden
Starring Rush
Music by Rush
Cinematography Martin Hawkes
Editing by Mike Munn
Distributed by Banger Productions
D&E Entertainment
Alliance Films
Release date(s) June 4, 2010
June 10, 2010
June 29, 2010
July 5, 2010
Running time 107 min.
Language English
IMDb profile

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage is a 2010 documentary directed by Sam Dunn with Scot McFadyen. The film offers an in-depth look at the Canadian rock band Rush, chronicling the band's musical evolution from their progressive rock sound of the '70s to their current heavy rock style. The film made its debut at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival, and was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US and Canada on June 29, 2010.


Artist Band Nationality
Sebastian Bach Skid Row Canada
Jack Black Tenacious D United States of America
Jimmy Chamberlin The Smashing Pumpkins United States of America
Les Claypool Primus United States of America
Tim Commerford Rage Against The Machine United States of America
Billy Corgan The Smashing Pumpkins United States of America
Kirk Hammett Metallica United States of America
Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters United States of America
Kim Mitchell Kim Mitchell, Max Webster Canada
Vinnie Paul Pantera United States of America
Mike Portnoy Dream Theater United States of America
Trent Reznor Nine Inch Nails United States of America
Gene Simmons Kiss Israel, United States of America
Zakk Wylde Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society United States of America

Non musicians


Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage premiered on VH1 on June 26.


The 2-disc DVD in features over 3 hours of video, including a 1.5 hour bonus disc of never-before-seen live performances, special features, and deleted scenes from the film.

Deleted Scenes

  • Being Bullied and The Search for The First Gig
  • Reflections on the album Hemispheres
  • "Presto" and "Roll The Bones" Rap
  • The Rush Fashion
  • Hobbies on the Road
  • Rush Trekkies
  • Pre-Gig Warm-Up
  • Best I Can (never-before-seen footage w/ original drummer, John Rutsey from 1974)
  • Working Man (never-before-seen footage w/ original drummer, John Rutsey from 1974)
  • La Villa Strangiato - Live at Pinkpop Festival in Holland from 1979 (first time this epic song was captured on video)
  • Between The Sun and Moon - Hartford, CT (from the band’s first show back after hiatus in 2002)
  • Dinner with RUSH at a Hunting Lodge
  • Far Cry (live) - from the "Snakes & Arrows" DVD
  • Entre Nous (live) – from the ‘Snakes & Arrows’ DVD
  • Bravado (rare live version) - previously only available on the "R30" Blu-ray version
  • YYZ (rare live version) - previously only available on the "R30" Blu-ray version

Runtime of the film and bonus disc includes over three hours of content.

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