Ryld Argith is a fictional character in R.A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen series, a six book series chronicling the war which besieges Menzoberranzan, and several drow cities as well as the search performed by a group of drow from Menzoberranzan to find out why Lolth is silent to her children.


Ryld grew up on the streets of Menzoberranzan and saw throughout his childhood the many atrocities that the nobles brought down upon them as they hunted them often for sport. Growing into adolescence Ryld was accepted into the Academy of Fighters, Melee Magthere. It was there he trained in several drow fighting styles, the most prominent to him being that of the greatsword. During his years at the Academy, Ryld rose as high as was possible due to his non-noble status, due to his incredibly proficient skill with weapons. Ryld is unusual for a Drow because of his burly build. He stands about five and a half feet tall, but is more heavily muscled than the average Drow. He is also unusual because instead of wearing supple chain mail under the traditional drow piwafwi, he is covered in entirely in black dwarven plate armor.

During his years at the Academy, Ryld befriended Pharaun Mizzrym, a mage from Sorcere of noble birth. They had a relationship as close to friendship as any drow could have. Unfortunately, this didn't prevent Pharaun from leaving him to fend off and presumably die from pursuers while in a hideout that belonged to a branch of the Jaezred Chaulssin. Although Ryld survived the encounter, it set a deep rift between them next time they met.

Ryld was then chosen as a member of a drow party that was sent to find out why Lolth had fallen silent. Along the way the party met Hallistra Mellarn and Danifae, priestesses of Lolth from the destroyed drow city of Ched Nasad. Hallistra befriended Ryld and the two eventually left to try and find a different life, devoid of drow corruption. They eventually had to return to their former group as Hallistra was determined to destroy Lolth. Danifae later ordred the Draegloth Jeggred Baenre to hunt down and kill Ryld. Although Ryld put up a massive and prolonged fight, Jeggred eventually killed him and ate his heart.

Ryld wielded a magical greatsword known as Splitter, which is capable of shearing through nearly any armor.

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