Ryoga Echizen
(越前 ????)

Ryoma Echizen (left) with his older brother, Ryoga Echizen

Voice Actorunknown
Eye colorHazel
Hair colorBlack-Green or Black-Blue
Heightunknown cm
Weightunknown kg
Blood typeunknown
Year / Classunknown
Playing StyleAll-Rounder, Right-handed
Favorite Shoesunknown
Favorite Racquetunknown
Favorite Foodsunknown

Ryoga Echizen (越前 ???? Echizen Ryōga?) is a fictional character and the antagonist turned protagonist in the Prince of Tennis movie, Tennis no Ōjisama - Futari no Samurai. Ryoga is the son of former professional tennis player Nanjiro Echizen (once known professionally as Samurai Nanjiro), but since he was introduced to his brother, Ryoma Echizen, when he a child, many people suspect Ryoga to be Nanjiro's adoptive son. Some controversies are the fact that he holds a stunningly shocking resemblance to Ryoma with his hazel eyes and black-green hair. His first and only appearance is in the movie that he was featured in.

Overview Edit


Ryoga is probably the adoptive son of Nanjiro Echizen and Rinko, making him Ryoma's older brother. He lived with the Echizen family when they were in America, but he had suddenly just disappeared. Before his disappearance, he played tennis with his father and brother a lot, but he said that Ryoma was "too boring to play with."


Ryoga, unlike his brother, is a more open type of guy that just wants to have fun. He also gets bored easily if his opponent is bad at tennis (i.g. he said that Ryoma was boring to play with since he lacked tennis skills when he was younger). He decided to help Sakurafubuki in the movie since it was an easy way to make money, suggesting that Ryoga is a lazy person. However, near the end of the movie when Sakurafubuki was trying to bribe Ryoma into losing the match by holding all of the Seigaku Regulars, excluding Tezuka, Fuji, and Ryoma himself since they were on the court, hostage, Ryoga knocked him and his henchmen down with the tennis balls, showing that he does have some sense of justice in him.
As like all the other Echizen's, Ryoga is popular with the ladies. He however, unlike Ryoma, is not obvious towards them- instead, he flirts back. Although this is true, he is not a pervert like Nanjiro.

Techniques Edit

Twist Serve (ツイスト サーブ?)
A serve Ryoga uses. It is more like his father's version of it, where it bounces towards the side, rather than Ryoma's version of it, where it hits the opponent's face.

Tezuka stated that since Ryoga is the older brother of Ryoma, he is probably the closest person in the world to play like Samurai Nanjiro, which means that Ryoga uses his father's techniques. Ryoga also stated that he does.

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