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Saša Lozar (born February 12, 1980 in Laduč) is a Croatian pop singer, best known as finalist of popular Story Supernova Music Talents which was aired on Nova TV in late 2003. He won audiences with his great vocal talent and good sense of humour. He was one of four contestants (Nera Stipičević, Natalie Dizdar and winner Rafael Dropulić) to compete for the grand prize in the last show.[1]

After the show, due to contractual obligations, he performed in Saša, Tin i Kedžo boy band. Since jazz music happened to be his personal preference, he was very un-enthusiastic about the whole project. After the band collapsed in 2004 he continued with solo career.

In August 2005 he married his long-time girlfriend Marija Bajs. In 2007 he recorded his old-school soul sounding debut album named 1 dan, where he continues to show his impressive vocal skills through 10 carefully chosen songs.


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