Sackboy is the main character in the game Little Big Planet published for Sony's Playstation 3. It was developed by the British game studio Media Molecule. Sackboy appears on the game's box cover art. The character is also called Sackperson or Sackgirl depending on the situation.

In the game, Sackboy is a doll-like character usually seen in a brown knit pattern. Sack boy is an adventurous and fun loving character who would go to many lengths to find adventure. He or she is 8cm's of hight.

Sackboy picture

Abilities Edit

Sackboy can move his limbs and arms, and most importantly he can run, jump, and grab certain materials (sponge, polystyrene, etc.) and operate levers. There are also 3 forward-and-back planes Sackboy can move between to navigate different areas of levels.

Sackboy also has different emotions which are controlled by the player: happy, afraid, mad, and sad. Depending on what emotion you cause to happen via the controller, your Sackperson will hold his hands differently. To express happiness, Sackboy makes a peace symbol with his hands. To express sadness, Sackboy holds his thumbs down. To express anger, Sackboy makes a fist out of his hands, and lastly, to express fear, Sackboy holds up his hands and they shake.

Pod Edit

The Pod is Sackboy's "Home". It is the most important part of LBP. You can customize it with stickers and decorations.

It is where you find and join levels, meet up with friends, and launch the level editor.

In a nod to the Playstation 3, Sackboy operates a giant (comparatively) PS3 controller within the pod to navigate to various levels.

The Pod appears to be located in a bedroom and suspended by strings. Other objects such as stars are also hung up. When Sackboys/girls move inside the pod, it tilts or wobbles to the sides.

Sackboy using the pod computer

Popit Edit

Coming soon

Costumes Edit

Character customization is a feature in LBP that allows you to dress your Sackboy however you want. Such costumes available are: a Roman Warrior, a Japanese Dragon head, a Cowboy, and a robot.

A demonstration of the character customisation available in LittleBigPlanet

Throughout LittleBigPlanet you can find costume pieces, or you can get Downloadable Content via the Playstation Network. Downloadable content is sometimes free, but usually you have to purchase it with a credit card or a Playstation Network Card. Some costumes are designed from other Sony game titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Ape Escape, or MotorStorm.

Sackboy While in Create Mode Edit

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Sackboy Merchandise Edit

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