"Sand N*ggers M.O.O.N" is a Moon Man song that he recorded for his Camel Fukkker album. It is an anti-muslim, anti-arab anthem. Supergroups Leader performs the chorus, and a mudslime terrorist also has a few lines.

Lyrics Edit

[arab] Allahu akbar! allahu akbar! allahu akbar! allahu akbar!



Arabs, I just call them sun goblins Vicious creatures of a sunny land, they just got some big problems Gonna blow theirself up, I just hate them since my grow up You should hook up

Call me a Nazi, because I hate other races Follow me home, and you will find blood traces Gonna put nigger babies in the trash can Head to toe black dress up muslim woman

Stands for black moving objects, arabs know to fuck goats with safe sex Arabs won't understand, it's complex, tell me which sandnigger I'll kill next If an atomic weapon were to go off, sandniggers would become glassniggers Your cameramans are amateurs

I'm gonna blow up Mecca If you kill one of the KKK there is gonna be vendetta Can't you see, you sandniggers? If you were here, klansmans would pull their gun triggers

I hate niggers, I hate arabs I hate spics, and jews are dead When I come I am gonna shot into your head And that's okay 'cause I am KKK

[Supergroups Leader] M O O N Man Allahu akbar...

You deserve nothing You're just fucking muslims which I hate I think to die is your fate Tell me what you want to say Ha

[arab] I want to fuck a goat

Camel Fukkker

[arab] Allahu akbar

Camel Fukkker

[arab] *cough cough* Is this right? *cough cough* Is this right?

Oh my god this fucking accent Donald Trump for president You prefer to fuck a goat? I am gonna lie you on the road

Then I will drive over your face you fucking terrorist I am pretty sure you're a fucking rapist I will hang all of you dune coons With a rope from the neck to a balloon

You will fly soon I am the Moon Of the KKK And that's okay

[Supergroups Leader] M O O N Man

[arab] Allahu akbar! allahu akbar! allahu akbar! allahu akbar!


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