Sand Serpents is a 2009 tv film about giant 100 foot prehistoric worms. It stars Jason Gedrick, Tamara Hope and Andreea Paduraru.


It begins with a group of US soldiers battling Iragi terrorists, a grenade goes of waking up three giant worms, the US soldiers get captured and the terrorists kill two of them. The terrorists walk out of the building only to be killed by worms. The soldiers go to the jeep, then get about a 100 yards from a building when car tips over on one of the soldiers, they go without her, the worms kill her and the major. The find two civilians. The worms kill all the soldiers but the captain and colonel. Asala's dad steps on a land mine killing him. A group of terrorists are killed by the worms. By the end they manage to kill all the worms. A fourth worm comes out of the ground the captain jumps into it's mouth and detnates the bomb he had around his waster killing and him.

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