"Santa Moon" is a Christmas carol that Moon Man recorded for YTMND during his classic era. It is a parody of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". It appears as a hidden track on A KKKhristmas KKKarol, along with two other pieces ("Moon Man is Coming to Town" and "Moon Man's List") that use different versions of the same backing music.

In this song, a woman sings many of the lines.

Lyrics Edit

Merry Christmas YTMND This is for all of you

[Christmas lady] You'd better watch out You'd better not cry

You'd better not scream I'm telling you why

Santa Moon is raping your mother

[Christmas lady] He's making a list And checking it twice

And make you eat your dog With pork fried rice

Santa Moon is burning down your house

[Christmas lady] He sees you when you're sleeping

And kills you 'cause you're gay

I really hate those niggers What else can I say?

[Christmas lady] You'd better watch out You'd better not cry

Don't call the police Or I'll rape your face

Santa Moon is setting you on fire

Wow! This song really goes on forever. I have a lot lynching to do tonight, so I have to finish now. I hope Excrement makes Hypersaxon proud. This song took a while to do. Also, big thanks to Jimmm with three M's for creating this animation. Merry Christmas to all of you, even if you downvote this site.


( [Christmas lady] You better watch out I'm talking to you )


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