Santon is a fictional character from the various Transformers universes.

Beast Wars SecondEdit

Transformers character
Santon and Skywarp in Beast Wars Second
Affiliation Maximal
Sub-Group Deluxe Beasts
Function Medic
Partner Lio Junior & Skywarp
Motto "Wars do not need to be won with murdering and suffering."
Alternate Modes Elephant
Series Beast Wars Second
Japanese voice actor Hiroaki Harakawa

Cybertron's best medical doctor, Santon was dispatched along with Skywarp as reinforcements for Leo Prime's troops. Santon is a philanthropist who highly values the sanctity of life. In beast mode, he has Ki-Shot cannons behind his ears, though these have no capacity to kill or wound. He can stomp his feet and shake the ground for his Santon Quake, a terrific ability that leaves his enemies unable to stand. He can also project his Santon Shield barrier from his tusks. He transforms into an elephant, a rarity among transformers. [1] He combines with Lio Junior and Skywarp to form Magnaboss. [2]

Animated seriesEdit

Lio Junior, Santon and Skywarp were regulars in the Beast Wars Second series after their introduction in episode #26 "Enter Lio Junior!" In this episode Santon and Skywarp arrive from Cybertron in time to combine with Lio Junior, who confronts Galvatron. The fight continues into episode #27, "Megastorm Reborn", where Galvatron is injured and escapes Magnaboss. Megastorm, enhanced into his new Gigastorm form attacks the Maximals, but the combined missiles of Magnaboss and Leo Prime are able to defeat him by blowing the rocks out from under him and dumping the Predacon into a pool of angolmois energy.

Santon appeared in the Beast Wars Second movie, "Lio Convoy Crisis". [3]

IDW PublishingEdit


Santon appeared among the rioting transformers on Cybertron in issue #4 of Beast Wars: The Ascending.

Santon had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing. [4]


  • Beast Wars Second Deluxe Santon (1998)
The toy of Santon is a redeco of Beast Wars Ironhide. [5]


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