Sarah Mason is a character on the American post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. She is played by Siena Goines. The character was originally portrayed on the CBS Jericho website as a "mystery woman" who had a connection with Hawkins and also claimed to be a cop from St. Louis. Her identity is revealed on the show for the first time in the episode "The Day Before".

On the show Mason is revealed to be a former coworker and ex-girlfriend of Robert Hawkins. The two were part of a secret CIA taskforce based in Washington D.C. who were told to infiltrate a terrorist cell that was involved in coordinating the nuclear attacks. Before leaving Washington, Hawkins goes to pick her up at her apartment only to find it ransacked. He takes her laptop with him as he and his family move to Jericho. He uses the laptop to communicate with Mason who is shown being held hostage by masked men who order him to deliver the bomb or they will kill her. The message is sent just minutes before the nuclear attacks begin.

Months later, Mason joins a group of refugees (which included Emily's fiancé, Roger Hammond) and they enter Jericho. Mason confronts Hawkins and informs him that there is a traitor in their group. Hawkins has Mason stay with his family's house, much to Darcy's dislike (she even suggests that Mason be killed). Hawkins and Mason are due to confront their boss ("the Old Man") who may be the traitor. However Mason is secretly communicating with someone who has assigned her to find the "package" (a 20-kiloton nuclear device) that Hawkins has hidden in his house. Mason kills one of the people that she has been communicating with in order to keep the nuclear drum for herself. (Episode Heart of Winter)

Mason takes Samuel Hawkins hostage to force Robert into turning over the "package". She and Robert fight, but Sarah gains the upper hand. Allison Hawkins, having been trained to shoot by her father, apparently kills Sarah by shooting her in the back. (Episode Semper Fidelis) Even though Sarah was killed by Allison, hardly anybody, even the new Allied States government knows that Sarah is dead. The only known people with the knowledge of Sarah's death include Robert Hawkins, Darcy Hawkins, Allison Hawkins, and Samuel Hawkins. Everyone else so far believes Sarah ran off.

According to the CBS website, Sarah was a former Department of Homeland Security Special Agent until November 14 2004, then she went off the grid on February 10, 2004, the same time she was recruited by the CIA.


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