Savage/Noble is a fictional character from the Beast Machines animated television series, a purely organic Transformer.

Beast MachinesEdit

Transformers character
Savage/Noble in Noble form
Affiliation Maximal
Sub-Group Deluxe Beasts
Function Warrior
Motto "Science has yet to match the force of nature - allow me to demonstrate!"
Alternate Modes Dragon/Werewolf
Series Beast Machines
English voice actor David Kaye
Japanese voice actor Chō [1]

Animated seriesEdit

Noble is not a Maximal, nor Savage a Predacon or Vehicon. He is in fact the amalgam of residual organic components of Megatron, who had his technological and organic sides separated as a side effect of coming into contact with the conflicting energies of the Key to Vector Sigma Program and the Plasma Energy Chamber. This backlash left Megatron's spark in a completely organic body with two beast forms but no robotic form, similar to the Beast Wars Mutants.

While one form is a gentle seeming, humanoid wolf-like creature called Noble, the other form is called Savage, a feral mutant dragon-like creature with small eyes, tusk-like spikes on its lower jaw, no back legs, two tails (obviously the dominant genetic material left over from Megatron's previously acquired beast mode).

Savage first appeared in the second episode of season two, where he attacked Vehicon generals Thrust and Jetstorm. The Vehicons blamed the Maximals for this attack, but they all soon learned of Savage and attempted to find out what it was. After Savage disappeared they discovered Noble, a seemingly lone Maximal lost on Cybertron, who they thought was being hunted by Savage (interestingly enough, the story Noble told about his origin was identical to Nightscream's origin story). It was only in the end of the episode they learned the two beings were one - and they were unaware he harbored a dark secret; Savage/Noble was actually Megatron.

While trapped inside Noble, Megatron manipulated the Maximals (and more specifically Nightscream) into helping him get back into the Council Citadel. There, he used several spark extractors to remove his spark, and entered his gigantic, head-like, floating fortress. This left Noble a sparkless but still living animal who still seemed to have a profound attachment to the sentimental young Nightscream, and would show up to save on a few occasions. This continued residual attachment reached its pinnacle upon Savage's attempt to destroy Megatron while the Vehicon leader was absorbing all of Cybertron's sparks, Megatron would soon kill him, but his sacrifice allowed Nightscream to stop Megatron, something for which he was honored by the Maximals.


  • Beast Machines Deluxe Beast Changer (2001)
The action figure of this character was released under the name “Beast Changer” due to the trademark for Savage/Noble being unavailable upon release.[2]




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