The Savage Coast is part of the Mystara Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons and was latter spin-off into a campaign setting for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition). The area is a 2,000 mile long frontier coastline about 2,000 miles to the west of the Known World of Mystara. The Savage Coast is an area under the Red Curse, which eventually kills its inhabitants by mutating them unless the metal cinnabryl is worn in contact with the body.

The first published information on the area was the module X9 The Savage Coast for Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set. The region was later expanded in Dungeon magazine issues 6 and 7 (1987) with the adventure "Tortles of the Purple Sage".

Two articles in Dragon Magazine, "The Princess Ark" and the "Known World Grimoire", described the Savage Coast at a later time in history. These articles were reprinted in the D&D game accessory Champions of Mystara (1993)[1]

In 1994 campaign setting for the area was published as a boxed set entitled Red Steel. an expansion Savage Baronies was released the next year. These supplements were for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Edition), all the previous material had been for the non "Advanced" version of D&D.

In 1996 the setting was revised and re-released under the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Odyssey line as three fully online products. This range included the base Savage Coast Campaign Book by Tim Beach and Bruce Heard, a supplement Savage Coast: Orc's Head and a Monstrous Compendium Appendix.

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