Directed by George Mihalka
Produced by Robert Lantos
Written by Robert Geoffrion
Starring Sophie Lorain
Gilbert Comptois
Music by Tony Roman
Cinematography François Protat
Editing by Michaël Karen
Rit Wallis
Distributed by Ambassador Film Distributors
Release date(s) 7 May 1982 (Canada)
Running time 81 min.
Country Template:Country data Canada Canada
Language French

Scandale is a 1982 Canadian (Québec) comedy film.

A band of government workers decide to make some fast bucks by making a blue movie in the Quebec's Parlement.


Production creditsEdit

  • Georges Mihalka - Director
  • Francois Protat - Cinematographer
  • Rick Wallace - Editor
  • Wendy Grean - Production Manager
  • Tony Roman - Composer (Music Score)
  • Richard Lightstone - Sound/Sound Designer
  • Germain Gauthier - Composer (Music Score)
  • Frances Calder - Set Designer
  • Luc Plammondon - Songwriter
  • Robert Geoffrion - Screenwriter
  • Csaba Kertesz - Art Director

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