Predator plasma cannon

Scar from Alien vs. Predator.

The Yautja known as Scar is the protagonist-like Predator from Alien vs. Predator. At first he is as bloodthirsty and focused as the rest of his group while hunting the humans and xenomorphs. However, when the xenomorphs kill his two companions and begin to overpower the humans, Scar forms a tenuous alliance with Lex, the heroine of the film. After taking back his plasma caster from Lex, he constructs a makeshift spear from a dead xenomorphs tail, along with a shield from the xenomorphs cranium. When Scar and Lex realize there are too many xenomorphs to deal with, Scar arms his self-destruct device and throws it into the hive. Scar manages to escape with Lex before they are destroyed by the blast. Scar etches his clan symbol on Lex's cheek using xenomorph blood as a sign of honor and peace. However, the xenomorph queen managed to survive and a fierce battle ensues. At one point in the battle, Scar manages to impale his spear through the queen's head, but this doesn't kill her. The queen impales Scar on her tail spike before throwing him away. Lex manages to defeat the queen and stays by Scar's side before he dies. Scar's clan arrives and takes his body aboard their ship and depart from Earth. At the end of the film, it is revealed that Scar was implanted by a facehugger and a Predalien hybrid bursts from his chest.

All three yautja Predators in the film displayed different fighting styles. Scar, based on his battles and choice of weapons, favored ranged combat. His weapons included tradional wrist-blades that could also be fired like a projectile, a smaller and slimmer combi stick, numerous shuriken throwing blades, and a large plasma caster. He was also shown to be more agile and nimble than his companions.

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