The largest inland body of water in the fictional fantasy world of Faerûn, the Sea of Fallen Stars is said to have been formed by a star sent by deities to punish titan's arrogance (some say it was actually the eggs of the first dragons). Its major ramifications include the Dragonmere (a.k.a. Lake of Dragons) on the West, the Moonsea on the North, the Alamber Sea on the East and the Vilhon Reach on the South. They are just the most notable ones, others being the Lake of the Long Arm, the Deepwash, the Bay of Chessenta, the Akanamere, the Alaor or the Easting Reach[attribution needed].

Its surrounding lands include Cormyr, the Dalelands, Sembia, the Vast, Impiltur, The Great Dale, Thesk, Aglarond, Altumbel, Thay, the Priador, Mulhorand, Unther, Chessenta, Chondath, Turmish, the Shining Plains and the Dragon Coast[citation needed].

Some notable isles include the Pirate Isles and the Isle of Prespur[attribution needed].

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