The "Second Racist Rant" is a Moon Man rant with no backing music that appeared on YTMND during Moon Man's classic era. It was later released on the classic compilation album Notorious KKK.

Lyrics Edit

Hey y'all. KKK, KKK, KKK, KKK. I have tattooed on my body the Confederate flag, the swastika, the SS symbol, and the symbol of the KKK. I eat, drink, sleep, and breathe hate. I try to preach people about the Holohoax, because I am also a Nazi. So KKKiss my lunar ass. I also hate butt-loving fags, be-KKK-cause I am a bigot. I hate all those goddamn wetbacks. Those chicos are invading our country, because they are inferior spics, OKKK. You had a baby with a mexican alien, because you have a fetish for stupid old wetbacks. I am the most racist Moon in the universe. KKK. Send all those smelly blacks back to Africa, so that the KKKountry can be chock full of pure, White moonpeople, OKKK. I'm going to moon you.

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