"Seventeen Candles"
Gossip Girl episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 8
Written by Felicia D. Henderson
Directed by Lee Shallat-Chemel
Guest stars Matthew Settle (Rufus Humphrey)
Francie Swift (Nate's Mom)
Jessica Szohr (Vanessa)
Susan Misner (Alison Humpfrey)
Sam Robards (Howie "The Captain" Archibald)
Production no. 107
Original airdate November 14, 2007
Episode chronology
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"Victor, Victrola" "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!"

"Seventeen Candles" is the eighth episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl.[1]. It aired on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 on CTV and Wednesday, November 14, 2007 on the CW.


The episode starts with Blair confessing to a priest the events of the previous night. She confesses that she lost her virginity to her ex boyfriend's best friend, after only being broken up with him for only about twenty minutes. Anyway, Blair is ready for her fair punishment, no matter how horrible, but the priest's only advice is that she should try to drink less and keep her clothes on.

While leaving the church, Chuck Bass and his limo pull up right next to her. Chuck can't help but remind her about what happened the night before, and invites her to lunch. Blair points out that what happened didn't mean anything. Today happens to be the night of Blair's birthday party, and she desperately wants Nate to be part of it. In fact, she was on her way to the jewellers to put some items on hold for Nate and her mother to buy her. But she isn't the only one. Now that the Captain is facing charges of embezzlement and fraud, they can not let Eleanor Waldorf pull out of the business deal. Nate's mother gives her son the family ring so he can give it to Blair as a gift. And it seems Nate is doing what his parents want him to do: he calls Blair up, claiming they can sort things out and that he has a present for her. He says he'll see her at her birthday party and Blair is more than thrilled. She immediately calls the jewelry store, and finds out that someone has picked up the necklace she put on hold. She is thrilled, believing Nate got it for her.

Meanwhile, Jenny brought her mother Alison home and the Humphrey men were utterly shocked. Anyway, once alone, Alison and Rufus started talking. Rufus claimed he still cared about her and after Rufus' words, they started kissing.

Blair's exclusive and Japan-themed party can get started but Nate, the only person Blair can't wait to see, is missing.Serena isn't pleased when she finds out Dan brought Vanessa to the party. Vanessa came because she realized Dan wants her to bond with Serena. After some awkward moments, her and Serena end up bonding over Guitar Hero.

At the party, Chuck confronts Blair on the balcony. Chuck told her Nate was not going to show up. Blair replies that Chuck sounds like a jealous boyfriend. And then she gets it. Chuck, the evil womanizer without a soul, likes her. Chuck finally admits it, saying he can't sleep, and feels butterflies in his stomach. Blair urges him to murder those butterflies, and Chuck agrees. Then, he blurts out what Nate had told him previously. The only reason why Nate had called Blair involved Eleanor's business deal. Well, Blair didn't buy it. She knew Nate would never do something like that to her. And it's time for a bet, every year, Nate calls Blair at midnight when it turns into her birthday. Chuck tells her he's not so sure that's going to happen, but if he does, Chuck will never bother Blair again. But if he doesn't, then Blair has to spend the night with Chuck.

Serena is hurt when she finds out Dan told Vanessa about his mother's return while she didn't know anything about it. Dan assures Serena she means a lot to him, and he will tell her all about his family, and they make up. Then, it seems like Serena and Vanessa are starting to bond, after all. It's midnight and Gossip Girl caught Nate hugging a mysterious girl, Jenny, after a sweet heart to heart about their families. No one can believe what Gossip Girl has just posted on her blog. Blair is devastated and tells Serena about their break up.Serena tries to comfort her BFF but Blair shut her out. She needs to be alone.

Meanwhile, Nate comes back home and tells his parents he and Blair are done. For good. Back at the party, Blair is still crying all alone in a room when Chuck catches up with her. Blair points out she wasn't in the mood for what she thought he wanted from her. But Chuck just wanted to give her a present. The diamond necklace she had put on hold, they start kissing. Serena is on her way to the bedroom, about to comfort Blair when she notices the door is ajar, she peeks inside and sees Chuck and Blair kissing. She closes the door (without them noticing) and can not believe what she just witnessed.

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