Shauna Bradley was a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Kylie Watson.

Character InformationEdit

Shauna first arrived in Summer Bay in 1999 and began dating Harry Reynolds, who taught Science at Summer Bay High and they later began sharing a house with James Fraser, the local doctor. A while later, Shauna began searching for her biological mother and found her in the form of Ailsa Stewart. Ailsa was cagey at first but later revealed the truth to Shauna. It transpired that Shauna was the product of a rape Ailsa had experienced while in prison for murdering her abusive father.

Things were uneasy between the two women at first but they formed a relationship. Tragically, Ailsa died in late 2000.

Shauna then began dating Jude Lawson and they were happy for a while, but Shauna's feelings towards Flynn Saunders put paid to that. Shauna left town under a black cloud but later returned in 2002 for Summer Bay's Sesquentenary celebrations.

Jude and Shauna later rekindled their relationship and moved to Perth together.

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