Shi is a main fictional character and superhero in Joe Graham's Omni series. She is currently the Stealth of 1st team at the Alpha Academy. Her first appearance is in ‘Omni – History Begins.’ Her secret identity is Jin ‘Jet’ Noguchi. Shi is a Japanese citizen and spent most of her childhood in or near Tokyo.

Fictional biography Edit


Shi’s name translates to ‘four’ in Japanese. She is the daughter of the third superhero to have the name ‘Shogun.’ The present Shogun was the leader of the 1st team of Alpha almost 30 years earlier and is now Japan’s greatest superhero. When her father retires, Shi will be known as Shogun. Her mother is Dr. Akiko Noguchi, who was once the top stealth in Japan. Now Dr. Noguchi is the lead scientist in charge of the Bishamon sentinels. Shi was once asked how long heroes had been in her family; her response was, ‘since the beginning of the samurai.’


Shi grew up spending most of her childhood in the highest tech Heroes Union hall in the world. Being surrounded by great superheroes and high technology, well prepared Shi for attending Alpha academy. As a child she was tutored by professional superheroes in a variety of skills that any young superhero would be envious of. Her mother trained her in several engineering disciplines. Shi was also trained as a Bishamon sentinel pilot and taught the science behind the giant robots.


At Alpha, Shi was selected to be the stealth for 1st team. Coach Connors was her father’s coach and is now his close friend; he stated that he filed out a special recruitment for Shi right after she was born. Shi’s adjustment to Alpha was probably easier for her than anyone else on her team. Her grounded personality and mature demeanor have helped hold her team together as they face trials.

Shi has a love for science that is only rivaled by her desire to be a great superhero. As the demands on her time became overwhelming, Shi was forced to remove herself from a group of young brains studying new technology. Shi has risen to the top of all of her stealth based classes (hacking, detection, locks, evading) and has become, by skill, a person the team looks to for leadership.

Despite her progress and combat prowess, Shi still stand deep in her father’s shadow. Shi had a fear that she would never live up to the standard set by her father. Bioforce helped to calm these fears when she scanned her and told Shi that her powers were still coming on line and she was just developing later than her father did.


Shi is the stealth of 1st team, the 4th team trained by coach Connors and the 10th class to be trained at Alpha Academy. As is with every team, she has five other teammates, each having their own positions. 1st team is organized as follows.


Shi is an Asian female 13 years old of Japanese decent. She stands 5 feet tall and is described as having a slight build. Shi is still a young girl developing into a young lady. After being scanned by Bioforce, she was informed that in the next couple of years she would grow another three inches in height. Shi has long black hair and brown eyes. While at Alpha academy Shi had Bioforce change her hair to a bright pink color. It has been noted that she is among the most beautiful of her peers. At Alpha she participates in regular strenuous exercise and stays fit.


The armor of ‘Shogun’ (the three that have preceded Shi) was always some type of red samurai armor. Shi, being the first female in line for the Shogun name, has feminized her costume to match her more slender frame.

Shi’s neo-samurai armor is blood red with distinctive Japanese look. Those who have seen her costume have asked if it was samurai or ninja. The response was, ‘It’s samurai that’s thinned down to match a stealth’s needs.’ Rather than large plates of armor, smaller pieces are laced together to make the costume very flexible while still offering a great deal of protection.

The costume has no helmet; rather it has a collapsible hood tucked back into the back collar. In an emergency the hood can be pulled over and ‘stiffens’ into a protective hood. When the costume is sealed it offers protection from pressure and offers a limited oxygen supply. Shi’s costume has all the high tech ‘smart’ options that others have, she has just camouflaged them to allow the costume to look more traditional.

Shi carries two ninja-to swords on her back. These are straight versions of a samurai sword (katana) and shorter to match her stature and two handed fighting style. These swords were custom made by her teammates for her needs. The virtually unbreakable Omnium blades are sharpened to an almost molecular edge and the hand guards are trimmed down to match her hands.

Shi also carries one slim Ngun on her thigh, although she has never used it in combat. On her forearms, built into her armor, are small spike launchers. These hard spikes are meant to be used in conjunction with her repulsion power for full effect.

See Omni Books Technology


Shi’s physical gifts are readily apparent in combat. Her speed and reaction time have tested up to 35 times a normal person of her age, build, and training. Shi is at point in her life where her powers are maturing. Upon arriving at Alpha Shi was able to lift 3 tons over her head, in five months her lift topped over 10 tons. Shi’s endurance and durability are not as high as some at Alpha, but are in line with her other gifts. None of Shi’s peers have been able to match her agility. When wounded Shi heals at superhuman speeds and recovers from fatigue equally as well.

Shi won the stealth competitions when she first arrived at Alpha. These consisted of one on one combat and a series of tests to evade detection. Shi can turn invisible at will and turn anything she holds or touches invisible, as well. This ability has show to extend to more than just visible light, infrared and other detection devices have not been able to register her either. Shi is also able to generate a field around her body that dampens all sound, making her silent and invisible.

During combat Shi has made great use of her ‘combat sense.’ Her combat sense is a precognitive sense that allows her to know what her opponents are about to do. It also warns her of impending danger and what kind of attack is coming. Shi has trained to use and trust this sense extensively, to the point where she can fight an invisible foe or fight blindfolded just as well as with her eyes open.

Shogun, Shi’s father, has a very powerful force field that protects him in combat. Shogun can also ‘explode’ this field outward (as in from his knuckles) with tremendous force. Shi has been unable to generate this kind of force at such a close distance. Shi’s power has manifested itself as the ability to attract or repel. Shi can accelerate her repulsion power from her hands over several feet to a strong concussive force. Shi is able to slow and then repel objects away from her. Shi has also used her attraction power to ‘yank’ opponents to her at great speeds.

A favorite thing Shi likes to do is use her power to repel or push against the Earth with force to match her own weight. This allows her to float or hover. Using her power to attract ground out in front of her or repel ground behind her, Shi appears to skate on thin air.

Combat StyleEdit

Shi has proven to be a cornerstone for her team when it comes to combat. She has yet to lose an individual match or admit defeat, despite some very hard competition.

In group combat, Shi typically becomes invisible and inaudible while skating on air at high speeds. Her combat sense guides her through the fray while she dishes out damage to her opponents. She also uses her combat sense to warn others of immediate danger or simple deals with the attack for them.

It has been remarked by the coaches at Alpha academy that Shi is the best trained hand to hand combatant that they have seen in many years. This is thanks to being personally tutored by Shogun and her grandfather, the previous Shogun.


Graham, Joe (January 2009), Omni-History Begins, Omni, Grand Blanc, Michigan: Rejection Press, ISBN 9780615228846 

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