Show and Tell is an interactive PC game made by GoAnimate Interactive. This game is based on the educational activity. The goal is to avoid the nasty book, show 9 non-nasty books to the audience, and tell about them.

Players in Real LifeEdit

Tobey, Hank and Dayton played this in real life. In the game, if you bring the nasty book to school it's game over but the teacher won't get angry. Dayton was the only one to bring a nasty book to school in real life. He got grounded for that and will never go to school again.


3 kids go to school (they can be customizable and 1 or 2 players can play as computer) and discover the Show and Tell Activity. They have to avoid the 1 nasty book and show the clean books to the audience. Then they talk about them. The game is set in a camera.


  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Behold, No Cavities
  • A Very Krusty Christmas
  • SpongeBob's Slap Shot
  • And the Winner is
  • Vote for squidward
  • I Feel Good
  • Sponge In Space
  • The Book Of Girls Not Magid [sic] (nasty book)
  • Joke Book


  • The 9th book is always the nasty book. Fixed date: Not fixed yet
  • In the game over screen, it says "YOU LOSE" instead of "GAME OVER". Fixed date: Not fixed yet
  • The teacher gets angry when it's game over. Used only in the demo. Fixed date: 4/1/2012


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