Singles: Volume 1 is the first release in the Singles series.

Tracklisting Edit

Track #

Track Name


Remix Of

Performer(s) Track Length
1 I'm Moon Man TLC44xRacing "I'm Shady" by Eminem Moon Man 2:12
2 Nigger Genocide poinl900 Original Moon Man 3:13
3 Weeaboos Avidraco Unknown Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, Sun Man 2:17
4 Sunman Gets Moonman Out of Jail (Interlude) UmfuldReturns Moon Man, Sun Man 1:41
5 Not Afraid (To Cap a Nigger) DubStepMixxx "Not Afraid" by Eminem Moon Man 2:14
6 Crossbones and Chickenwings CrispyTurtle "Hot Nigga"

by Bobby Shmurda

Moon Man 2:28
7 My Name Is b1ackbaron65 "My Name Is" by Eminem Moon Man, Sun Man 2:38
8 I'm a Nazi Idiotska "Paparazzi" by Xzibit Moon Man 3:48
9 Moon KKKing MoonMan Official Rapper 2k15 Unknown Moon Man 3:45
10 Many Nigs MoonStriKKKesBack "Many Men (Wish Death) by 50 Cent Moon Man 4:56
11 Moonlight Slaughter SpermyTheCat "Pumpkin Hill" from the "Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack" Moon Man 2:13
12 NigNog Stew CoolStanley "Ramen King" by Filthy Frank Moon Man 1:25
13 B.O.D. (Bombs Over Detroit) Idiotska "B.O.D. (Bombs Over Baghdad)" by Outkast Moon Man, Sun Man 3:02
14 Niggerz Bop lucas "Niggerz Bop" by DuckTales Moon Man 1:01
Total Length 36:53

Download Edit

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