Singles: Volume 4 is the fourth release in the Singles series.

Tracklisting Edit

Track # Track Name Producer Remix Of Performer(s)
1 Eat Shit Spyro Original Beat by Spyro Moon Man, Sun Man, Audrina Patridge
2 Moonman VS. Sunman Su-prr "Till I Collapse" by Eminem Moon Man, Sun Man, Audrina Patridge
3 Just a Lil' KKK JoenneGee "Just A Lil Bit" by 50 Cent Moon Man
4 Moon Man Reaches Out to the Black Community (Interlude) Malcolm Night "Stop Using the N Word" (prank call) by Nephew Tommy Moon Man, some random nigger
5 Niggers Get Shot Spyro "Sure Shot" by the Beastie Boys Moon Man, Sun Man, Audrina Patridge
6 The Next Klan LD-TV "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre & Snoop Doggy Dogg Moon Man
7 Moon Man Goes to Therapy (Interlude) Man on the Moon Productions female narrator, Sun Man, Moon Man
8 The MaKKKer MasterSkull and Cheese Original Beat by MasterSkull Moon Man
9 ACF BaiGanioPld "X Gon' Give It To Ya" by DMX Moon Man
10 Hit The Road Blacks General Goose "Hit the Road Jack" by Ray Charles Moon Man, Sun Man
11 I Hear a Nigger Comin' Sunman "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash Moon Man
12 Iron Mic Idiotska "I Really Mean It" by the Diplomats Moon Man vs. Sun Man
13 Moon Man Calls Tech Support (Interlude) Man on the Moon Productions some dothead, Moon Man, another dothead
14 Polarized Nigger ItsTurtleYTP Unknown Moon Man
15 KKKeepin' It KKKlassy Malcolm Night Overture to Die Entführung aus dem Serail by Mozart Moon Man
16 Moon Man Teaches The KKKolors (Interlude) Lucas Moon Man
17 My Klan Lord GrayHam "My Band" by D12 Moon Man
18 Kill You Phil Mcdarp Unknown Moon Man, Sun Man
19 The World is ZOG's LLL ''The world is yours'' by Nas Moon Man
20 Thank You Malcolm Night "Hey D.J." by the World's Famous Supreme Team Moon Man, Audrina Patridge, a random nigger

Download Edit

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