"Sins of the Past"
Xena Warrior Princess episode
Xena Fighting Draco
Xena fighting Draco.
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 01
Written by Robert Tapert
R. J. Stewart
Directed by Doug Lefler
Guest stars Jay Laga'aia
Darien Takle
Willa O'Neill
Production no. V76901
Original airdate September 09 1995
Episode chronology
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"Unchained Heart" " Chariots of War"

Sins of the Past is the first episode int he television series Xena: Warrior Princess.



Xena renounces her warlord past and begins burying her weapons. She later retrieves them to save a group of villagers from being sold into slavery. Gabrielle convinces Xena to allow her to travel with her.


Xena, the warrior princess, is a village in ruins on horseback. This village was destroyed by his troops, but now Xena feel repentant. There is a child who is not recognized, but he said that his parents were killed because of Xena. That gives you a little food and goes. Xena decides to bury their weapons to change her life. But soon after doing so, listening to some men who were carrying some women against their will. They want to turn them into slaves. However, one of the women resisted, but she also offered to release the others. This is a young blonde to which one of the women called Gabrielle. At the most critical moment, Xena attacking them and fight with them. When being surrounded, tantea in the ground and grabs her chakram, a gun round and tapered, whose principal value is that, once launched, and bounces back Xena, which has a special ability. After a spectacular fight, the warriors flee. The Warriors meet with the warlord Draco, whose army belong, it is doing some tests archers who want to join him. After admitting that the only gets hurt, the warriors talk about their struggle with the woman warrior. Draco recognises the warrior, Xena, which fought in the past. Decides to ask to be with him, without knowing that Xena is no longer a lady of the war.

Xena Know Gabrielle

Xena know Gabrielle.

In the town of girls and has saved, Potidaia, Gabrielle spoke amazed with Xena on their struggle. However, Xena is interested in leaving the village as soon as possible to return to her hometown, Amphipolis. Gabrielle knows the city to look for his hobby maps. In addition, Gabrielle tells you that you do not want to marry her fiancé, Pérdicas because of married life seemed too boring for her. The father of Gabrielle, Herodotus, knows the bad reputation of Xena and requests him to leave. Xena part to Amphipolis. At night, Gabrielle decides to escape from house to follow Xena. Her younger sister, Lila, wakes up and spoke with her, extrañada that Gabrielle wants to be a warrior. Finally, Gabrielle says goodbye to her and goes. Xena, during his journey, is a ciclope which she blinded. After talking with him and recommend become protector of a village, it goes. However, it is followed by men Draco, with the just struggle. Following this incident, it cuts the flow of blood to the brain to one of them, and did not restore it until he confesses that Draco plans to attack Amphipolis, so he is going to speak with him. Draco tells Xena that only abandon his idea if he joins. Xena is rejected and goes. Meanwhile, Gabrielle follows the warrior. It crosses a bridge with fear, but it does not fall, and ends up being a prisoner of cíclope that blinded Xena, metida in a wooden cage. After discovering that he hates the princess warrior, convinced that wants to kill Xena. The cíclope the frees and Gabrielle is promising to bring pieces of the body of Xena.

Later, Gabrielle, who could not keep up with Xena, as it is on horseback and on foot, lies down in the middle of the road. For there passes a road, which is to face it. Gabrielle assured him that was sent by the god Hermes to do Amphipolis. The road recela her, asking questions about his alleged father who lives in Amphipolis, a horse trader, which does not exist. The road is aware, but accepts carrying Gabrielle to talk about the legendary King Oedipus, which he knew. Xena comes to the fields of Amphipolis, where some farmers are singing Glede ma Glede, the song of the city. While going through the streets, people watching with curiosity. Xena arrives at the inn that runs his mother, Cyrene. While Xena shows a great joy for reunite with his mother, the latter gets very cold, threatening with a sword and saying that it is no longer her mother. Cyrene does not believe that Xena has changed. The princess warrior warns of the danger they face in planning of Draco, the attack on Amphipolis, and offered to help them prepare defenses. Villagers accuse him that the last time he spoke and lost many of their children. When you start throwing stones attack appears Gabrielle, who assured them that Xena is no longer evil, and assistance to leave the inn.

Xena says Gabrielle is directed to visit his brother. What Gabrielle does not suspect is that Lyceus, the brother of Xena, is dead and where it is going to go to his grave. Xena and Lyceus, who died during an attack by a warlord to Amphipolis 10 years ago, they were very united. The villagers blamed his death and the other victims, too many, who will be proposed plant face instead of flee. Xena spoke with Lyceus telling who do not believe. At the end, Gabrielle says that at least she believes and supports. Gradually, though reluctantly, Xena is accepting the company of the young Gabrielle. When Xena and Gabrielle returning to the inn Cyrene, the villagers are trying to reach an agreement with Draco: if they let live in peace, it will provide food for his army each pass through the city. Xena tries to convince them that it was pointless to negotiate and challenges Draco: fight on a platform of logs of wood on the wall, and the first to fall to the ground, will be killed by archers of the warlord. Draco accepts and both climb to the platform. Both Xena as Draco make a great fight. When the platform is on the verge of collapse completely, and Draco Xena jump to move to fight relying on the shoulders and heads of the spectators, who support the warrior princess. Xena cosigue that Draco falls to the ground, and she rose above it. It offers perdonarle life if renunciation definitely conquer Amphipolis, and Draco accepts. When Xena a turn, Garr, one of the men Draco, the attacks, but the warlord kills him before he can hurt. Xena says goodbye to its neighbours, as it is forgiven by everyone, including his mother.

At night, Xena discovers that Gabrielle has followed, it was cold and is close to the stake, Xena finally accepts that Gabrielle accompanying their future adventures.



Actor Role
Lucy Lawless Xena
Renee O'Connor Gabrielle
Jay Laga'aia Draco
Derien Takle Cyrene
Willa O'Neill Lila
Stephen Hall Hector
Geoff Snell Herodotus
Linda Jones Hecuba
Anton Bentley Perdicas
David Perrett Garr


Activity Name
Story by Robert Tapert
Teleplay by R. J. Stewart
Directed by Doug Lefler
Edited By Jim Prior
Music by Joseph LoDuca[1]

Fan StuffEdit


  • Cyrene: Look at you. You're about to cry. What did you expect? For me to take you in my arms and say everything's alright. Ha. Every night I pray to Athena, begging her to give someone the power to end your worthless life to an end.
  • Xena: Mother, I understand your anger but you need to listen to me. The warlord Draco is moving on this valley. We need to organize a defense.
  • Cyrene: Oh, I suppose you're a fighter for justice now.
  • Xena: Yes.
  • Cyrene: Well, you could prove your new interest in justice one way. Kill yourself.

Cast CommentaryEdit

Renee O'Connor:"I did grow up on this show. It's so funny for me to look back on some of those older episodes, I can remember exactly what was going on personally for me at the time, and it's really interesting to see that. It was amazing.[2]


  • Xena calls her horse Argo a boy, then later in the series he becomes a she[3].

Theme musicEdit

Is the first appearance of Amphipolis song, Glede ma Glede. This song will again be interpreted by the villagers of Amphipolis on more than one occasion over the series.


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