Six of Hearts is a fictional character created by Australian author Jack Heath (writer). Six is the protagonist in the Six of Hearts series published by Pan Macmillan (in Australian and New Zealand) and by Scholastic in the US. Six is also featured in the short story 404 published on Jack Heath's website.[1]


Agent Six of Hearts was created by designer DNA and 'born' in The Lab, a division of Chaosonic, along with his two clones Kyntak and Sevadonn. Durring a fire which destroyed The Lab, Six escaped and was found by King who subsequently raised him. At the age of thirteen Six began working for The Deck; a law enforcement organisation founded by King of Hearts.


Being created from designer DNA and hence 'superhuman'; Six is able to run faster (up to 50 kilometres per hour), jump higher and is stronger than any of the other agents at The Deck. Six is also resourceful; being able to make a electromagnet from two magnetic bolts and a taser. He has also proved to be a good mechanic; creating his own motorcycle from the best parts available and being able to hotwire a car within 18 seconds. Six is so skilled that he is able to incapacitate his enemies without killing them and still complete the mission; as a result the other agents admire him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Six is described as having black hair, blue eyes, sharp profile, white teeth, thin fingures and pale skin. At 178 centimetres he is said to be the shortest agent in the Hearts department however Queen of Hearts is in fact shorter at just over 170 centimetres. Six wears a black coat and is sixteen years old at the beginning of The Lab and throughout the series so far. Six also wears a pair of dogtags a reminder of his vow to never take a human life again.


Six, throughout the series, has 'died' on three separate occasions; once in The Lab (novel) and twice in Third Transmission.

After falling from a great height onto concrete in the events of The Lab; Six is said to have died, or most of him, however of clone of him is grown and used as an organ donor to save him.

In Third Transmission Six dies as part of the process to be send back in time however he will have no memory of it. Also, in the the final chapter of Third Transmission titled Transmission Ends Six dies after being shot though critics speculate that this may not have actually happened due to a grammatical tense change[2][3].


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