How I Met Your Mother episode
Marshall sings his original song, "You Just Got Slapped."
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 9
Written by Matt Kuhn
Directed by Pamela Fryman
Original airdate November 19, 2007
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"Spoiler Alert" "The Yips"
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"Slapsgiving" is the 9th episode in the third season of the television series How I Met Your Mother. It originally aired on November 19, 2007.


Ted begins with a flashback about a running joke between him and Robin when they were dating each other, which included saluting whenever they heard a military rank such as "General" or "Major". But, they no longer carried on with the joke as they were uncomfortable around each other. The gang plan the upcoming Thanksgiving, which Marshall refers to as "Slapsgiving". Barney thinks that there are only 30 days in October and the slap countdown ends at 3 p.m the day after Thanksgiving. Barney claims he is not scared, as he now knows exactly when he is going to be slapped. Robin then introduces Bob, a 41 year old guy she's been dating, who is portrayed as a much older person(Orson Bean) through the eyes of Ted.

Lily wants the gang to bake pies at Robin's due to Marshall's "sleep-eating" condition. When Ted arrives at Robin's at 9.30, though he was supposed to be there at 7.30, he discovers that nobody else made it there, thus leaving Ted & Robin alone for the first time since they broke up. The next day, Ted confesses to Marshall & Barney just as Robin confesses to Lily what really happened the previous night. Ted discovers they were baking a pie for Bob and they start arguing. Ted tries to leave but Robin says it's Thanksgiving and they should not be fighting at all. They hug each other and end up making out and sleeping together. Lily orders Ted & Robin to sort out matters by talking about the previous night, since they never really talked about it. Marshall puts on the slap countdown, which is supposedly in it's last hour to freak Barney out. This time, Barney cracks, confessing that he does not like being slapped, even losing 10 pounds in the process. He tries to storm out but Lily stops him and as Slap Bet Commissioner, declares that there will be no slaps on Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, Ted & Robin sort out things and join the others for dinner. Lily is still angry that nobody helped her for Thanksgiving while Barney jokes around the fact that Marshall can no longer slap him. Marshall gives a toast to Lily, cheering her up. Bob, while talking about his own Thanksgiving, says "major buzzkill" following which Ted & Robin salute to "Major Buzzkill," acknowledging that they're still friends in spite of their difficulty with each other.

With just 20 seconds left on the slap bet countdown, which Barney refers to as "Marshall's countdown to nothing," Lily gets angry at Barney and allows Marshall to slap him. Marshall then sings a song he wrote for the occasion called "You Just Got Slapped," during which Barney adds a harmonic effect by moaning in pain.


  • In this episode, Barney receives the third of the five slaps that Marshall may give him for losing a bet in "Slap Bet".
  • Barney adds another high-five to his list. In this episode, he calls for a "Relapse-Five!", which includes a high-five, followed by an awkward pause, followed by another high-five.
  • It should be noted that in the original Slap Bet episode a rule was stated, by Marshal in fact, that no rings could be worn on the slapping hand. However, Marshal slapped Barney with his left hand on which his wedding band is.


  • Marshall states that the slap countdown is in it's final hour, but in reality the computer screen reads "2 hours, 45 minutes, 20 seconds."
  • When Ted reminds his kids about the slaps Marshall has already used, the first slap shown is actually not the real first slap. The slap shown was actually a "pre-mature" slap which was given by Marshall and then was penalized for it. The actual slap is at the end of "Slap Bet" episode and takes place at Ted and Marshall's apartment.
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