"Social Equality" is a Moon Man single that was released to youtube in 2015. It is a remix of "Thunder Buddies" by Bud McKenzie. Moon Man spends most of the song complaining about various presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton, who raps a few verses.

This song appears as track 2 on Great White.

Lyrics Edit

Welcome back, Moon Man is here I've just finished one credit of Political Science And in this new exclusive rap song I'm going to talk about some

Niggers And Jerry Spriggers Some fucked up politicians And Garfunkel's new renditions Oh, and shoutout to all my White boys in Palmdale

First off, Donald Trump looks like he took a dump And made a lump in his hairdo He's a comedian, not a politician All he has is his hair And some fucking kitchen

Ron Paul, he's like all conservatives But since he's so old, his hair has preservatives Oh, and don't get me started on the Senate All these guys who would sit on a fence and run with it The House of Representatives All they represent are black abortion preventatives Now here comes a point in my message Where I fuck shit up and wreck the president

Obomb, you're not OG You're just a plain nigger who didn't do a killing spree In 2008, you were against gays But this past June, you gave them their day Have you seen Michelle's crotch? She's hiding a sandwich, and now im fully convinced That that's why she's a mental bitch

[Hillary Clinton] Hi, my name is Hillary And I want your money for my new campaign We need to stop this oppression Or I'll kill myself out of depression All that stuff about Benghazi was fake All they needed was just a huge-ass wake

Shut the fuck up bitch, I will not mute my mic All you had to do was just go on strike

[Hillary Clinton] I did not have textual relations with those people

All your fans still like Bieber And are all sheeple

[Hillary Clinton] I support LGBT and Black Lives Matter

Shut up you fat sow or I'll put your head on a platter

What the hell is wrong with our society? All teens want are large cocks and dating anxiety

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