Sol Survivor is an indie turret defense game developed by Cadenza Interactive for the PC, and Xbox 360. It was released in 2009 to Xbox Live Indie Games and in 2010 to Steam and Impulse. Sol Survivor has a sci-fi theme, fairly cutting edge graphics, and multiple game modes including a single player campaign, Co-op mode, and multiple multiplayer modes[1]. While Sol Survivor has received very little media attention, the media it has received is mostly positive.

Story Edit

The single player campaign in Sol Survivor follows a commander as he rises through the ranks through various campaigns. Each campaign consists of five mission, each on a different playing field. As you progress through the game you unlock more turrets, and special attacks, as well as increasing the power of each attack. For each level, the player has the option to choose an officer, each having different turrets and special attacks.

Gameplay Edit

Sol Survivors gameplay is a simple yet effective. Enemies come in waves, following a set path, and you are allowed to place turrets along that path to stop enemies. Each of these turrets can be upgraded a maximum of three times, each upgrade costing more then the last.


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