In the BattleTech fictional universe, the Lyran world of Solaris VII has become known as the gaming world, due to the gladiatorial battles held in the arenas of this planet, between MechWarriors in their BattleMechs. These fights are broadcast across the Inner Sphere via ComStar's network of HyperPulse Generator transmitters, for the entertainment of billions, in addition to those who pay to view the duels live. Solaris VII combats are the de facto sporting event of the 31st century.

Solaris VII is a planet where Battlemech warfare occurs in gladiator-style matches between single- double- or quadruple-opponent matches. It is split up into six sectors: five are for the current divisions among the Inner Sphere and one is a neutral zone that includes the spaceport. During the Federated Commonwealth / Lyran Alliance civil war, Solaris VII is one of the first planets to be split by loyalist strife.

In 1991 FASA released SOLARIS VII the role playing game box set (H872) including the gamemasters guide, players guide, maps, and punch out cards. Currently in print by FanPro are the "Mechwarriors Guide to Solaris VII" (FASA 1716) and "Classic BattleTech Map Pack: Solaris VII" (FPR 35002).

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