The Solomani Confederation is a confederation of star systems ruled by the Solomani (descendants of Earth humans) in the role-playing game Traveller. The Confederation started as the Solomani Autonomous Region, a semi-autonomous area of space encompassing everything within 50 parsecs of Earth. After the twelve year Solomani Rim war the Solomani lost many worlds, including Earth, to the Third Imperium, but gained de facto independence from them. The Imperium does not officially recognize the existence of the Solomani Confederation.

The Solomani Confederation has three branches of government: the Solomani Party, the Military, and Solomani Security (SolSec). The Party officially includes all Solomani, but many choose not to participate. The Party is structured in cells of 10 Solomani, 10 of which make a Committee, 10 of which make a supervisory committee and so on up to the High Council. SolSec is in charge of protecting the "Solomani Cause" against all enemies. Specifically, they spy on other Solomani and report on their actions to ensure that Party members are loyal to the Confederation.

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