"Sometimes It's" is the 17th and final track on Moon Man's album The Killing Moon. For a backing track, it uses "Mac Tonight" by Saint Pepsi, a song that was created as a tribute to Moon Man. It was produced by Malcolm Night.

The song sends a positive message of love and happiness (for White people).

The cover art for "Sometimes It's" was created by NiggerLyncher23.


Lyrics Edit


Sometimes it's great to be alive Unless of course you were born without a White penis...

Sometimes it's obvious that the game has already been won Not much fun to play it out to the end But it's gotta be done 'Cause the niggers on the other team won't concede

Sometimes it's fun to be living by the gun like a living god Streets stay hot like a Moonman Doom mod Moon KKKrew's not a vice squad And it's not supposed to be

Can I get a little "KKK" for the day When the niggers and the spics and the jews go away because they Finally prove to be to evil For White people to tolerate

Sometimes it's hard when you're living in a city that's the size of a cardboard planet And it's jamming and everybody knows your name Glad I came to the rap game, like wink wink I'm sick sick in the head Sometimes it's not about the bread...

It's about the love My love for White people It's about preserving the White race It's about the KKK The KKK The motherfucking KKK... The KKK

I love you You are all my brothers I love you Together we can shape this world into what it should be I love you If you're White, you're alright by me And I love you No homo

Ung, I just want some racial purity Love, truth, justice, and security If we condone inferiority today What will tomorrow be?

Sometimes it's dangerous when you live life under the Moon In particular if you're a fucking coon Boom boom, perpendicular to the bathroom wall Blood in the stall, your tomb

Sometimes it's fandoubletastic to be a White man Saying "I love you" to the Ku Klux Klan One race, one fam, one Moon, one Man One dick in the butt like damn

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