Sophie Johnson (real name not known), was a fictional Alien character on the kids TV show My Parents Are Aliens, she was potrayed by Barbara Durkin then Carla Mendonca. Her first apperance was in 1999 when the show started and she stayed all the way through until the show finished in December 2006.

Background Edit

Sophie is an Alien who came from a fictional planet called Valux. she lived there with her husband Brian. The aliens names are not really Brian & Sophie but they used them when they came to Earth. Because Sophie is an alien he doesn't have a clue about things humans do. It was very hard for him to know what to do and to keep the secret about him being an alien. Brian was a harmlous alien but could cause harm if he gets stupid ideas and doesn't know better. Brian was very nice to the kids he apdopted. Brian can morth into different people & things.

How Brian & Sophie got here Edit

Not much is known about the begining of there time on Earth but, Brian and Sophie where taking a drive in their spaceship (because they like to get around) but Brian crashed the spaceship into Earth (England), there exact location is not known. After they crashed the spaceship formed into a weird looking house.

Early Days* Edit

Brian & Sophie needed to act normal so they actually kidnapped these two people who guessed they were aliens and morfed into them and pretended to be them & froze these people for 7 years until the episode "Thanks for all the Earthworm Custard". Then they made there way to the Children's home to apdopt 3 children.

  • There are different sides to the story

Apdopting the Barker children Edit

Brian & Sophie apdopted 3 children, Lucy, Josh & Mel Barker who had always had trouble settling after there parents died years before. Brian & Sophie oringanlly thought they were dogs & gave them dog bowls and all one room but later changed it secretly and said it's always been like that. But later they revealed there secret tothe kids, Mel wanted to turn them in but soon they became a family.

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