Faerûn is a fictional continent in the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting world of Forgotten Realms. The southeastern part of the continent lies to the south and east of the grassy plains known as the Shaar, along the shores of the Great Sea opposite the land of Zakhara.

Beyond this region, and thus beyond Faerûn, lie, in the south the giant peninsula of Zakhara and in the east, the Five Kingdoms of the Utter East.

  • Durpar — This is a merchant kingdom to the southeast of Veldorn, and is separated from Estagund by the Gurna Mountains. This nation follows the shores of the bay known as the Golden Water, with the capital port city of Vaelan near the western extreme.
  • Estagund — This nation lies to the east of Luiren, and is closely tied to Durpar and Var the Golden to the east. It is led by a militant class of nobility, but it is as much a merchant nation as Durpar. The capital city of Chavyondat is a port on a bay of the southern coast.
  • Luiren — An anomaly among the nations of Faerûn, this is the only land ruled by the halflings. It is located along the eastern border of Dambrath, and is separated from the Shaar by the Toadsquat Mountain range. Much of the breadth of the country south of the mountains is occupied by the Lluirwood forest. The plains of Luiren contain productive farmland, and the crops are traded with the Dwarves of the Great Rift to the northwest. The capital city of Beluir lies along the coast, in the Luirenstrand bay.
  • Var the Golden — This is an agricultural nation that lies along the southern end of the Golden Water. It borders the nations of Estagund to the east and Durpar to the north, and is closely linked to both. The government politics are as rife with plots and intrigue as Calimshan.
  • Veldorn — The is a region of plains at the eastern end of the Shaar. It is home to various non-human monstrous tribes who are allied in a loose confederation for self-defense. The eastern edge of this region is formed by the Giant's Belt Mountains, a range which separates the plains from the desert to the east. There are no cities or population centers of note.

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