File:Sparrow Film Poster.jpg
Current Film Poster for Sparrow
Directed by Shaun Troke
Produced by Wojciech Stuchlik
Written by Matt Mosley
Justin Di Febo
Starring Jack W. Carter
Alexis Jayne Defoe
Eric Kolelas
Sarah Linda
Thomas James Longley
Faye Sewell
Music by Jakub Gawlina
Cinematography Jakub Jakielaszek
Release date(s) October 31, 2010
Running time 90 minutes
Country Template:FilmUK / Template:FilmPoland
Language English
Followed by Sparrow 2

Sparrow is an upcoming Polish-British independent horror film currently in the post-production stage due for release late 2010. Produced by independent filmmaker Wojciech Stuchlik, the film stars Jack W. Carter, Alexis Jayne Defoe, Eric Kolelas, Sarah Linda, Thomas James Longley and Faye Sewell.[1] [2] [3]

Originally titled Camp Nightmare, the story was written by underground screenwriters Matt Mosley & Justin Di Febo.[4]

The film is based around six teenage friends who set off on a camping trip in a forest presumed to be the site of an historic murder.[5] Casting occurred in the UK in March 2010.[6] Filming took place in Hamerla, Poland in June.[7]

Sparrow will receive its first official showing on Halloween, shortly followed by a British premiere in London.[8]Template:Update after [9]

Plot Edit

Six teenage friends, Matt, Cindy, Kirsty, Duncan, Sitcom, and Dawn set off on a camping trip in the forest. However ‘Camp Happy Dreams’ turns out to be ‘Camp Nightmare’ as legend states it’s the site of a presumed historic murder. The teenager’s disbelief in this urban legend is soon changed when strange happenings begin to occur to each of them……..[10] [11]

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