For the film, see Spellcaster (film).

A spellcaster refers to a creature capable of casting magic spells. The term is most often used in fantasy books and role-playing games.

The term groups all kind of fictional magic users:

  • Arcane casters: Sorcerers, wizards, witches, warlocks, illusionists, etc. This type of magic is based on heavy study and formulas (see the Harry Potter or Discworld series) or natural talent (see Gandalf in LotR or the GURPS RPG).
  • Shamanic casters: Shamans, Druids, etc. This type of casters get their power from nature, cajoling spirits, or borrowing power from magical devices (though some Arcane examples do the latter as well).
  • Divine casters: Clerics, Priestesses. This type of casters get their powers from their gods or goddesses. They are often limited by their gods (A water god may not provide fire spells). In MMORPGs, they are usually healers.

Dungeons & DragonsEdit

Within the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, there are two main types of magic:

The word spell caster however can be also used outside of computer games to describe those with magical abilities.There are many people in history that have been credited with possessing magical powers the most notable of which are Merlin who was said to have existed alongside king Arthur,Faust who was said to have sold his soul to the devil for his powers.There are also a few who are not quite well known and not as dramatic,their power is said to stem from their skill at hypnosis.One of them is Timotheus Castellan who was credited with the ability to take complete control over peoples bodies with just hand gestures

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