Salish Spirits

The "Spirits"
Species "Spirits"
Homeworld PXY-887
Governing body Unknown

<tr><td valign="top">Alliances as of season 10 </td><td> Salish people of PXY-887</tr><tr><td valign="top">Prior Alliances </td><td> None</tr>

Key episodes "Spirits" (first appearance)

The "Spirits" are an alien race which appear in the sci-fi television show, Stargate SG-1.


The "Spirits" pose as the gods of the Salish (Native American) people brought to their world by the Goa'uld. The principal members of this race have adopted the protective roles, names, and animal-appearances of the Salish spirits. Since the destruction of the Goa'uld that occupied their world, space travel has been of no use to them, although the Stargate remained in place for thousands of years.

In a more natural form, the "Spirits" appear humanoid, although with unusual foreheads and layers of gill-like features on their face. As their race is fairly immaterial, they can assume many different forms, from mythical Salish animals to members of the SGC. They can make adversaries disappear to what has been described as a "place of nothingness," who can be later returned at will with no memories of where they were.

Unlike the Goa'uld, who pose as gods to their subjects in order to increase their own power, the "Spirits" have taken on deific roles because they felt that their authentic appearance and culture would not be accepted by the Salish people. Also unlike the Goa'uld, they have made no efforts to dominate the people, acting as genuine protectors until the Salish are ready to accept them as the aliens they really are. [1]


The "Spirits'" home planet, PXY-887, was once occupied by the Goa'uld, who transplanted Native Americans, the Salish, from Earth to the planet, possibly to mine trinium. However, the Spirits eventually fought the Goa'uld and apparently were victorious, as they were removed from the planet. The Spirits however chose to coexist with the transplanted humans, taking on the forms of the Salish spirits and protected them. Since then, the two peoples have lived peacefully side by side.

Contact with the SGCEdit

When the SGC discovered the Salish's planet and the large amounts of trinium in its soil, the Tau'ri tried to get permission from the Salish to mine it. However, the Salish (and/or the Spirits) refused, considering the environmental damage unacceptable. Subsequently, a second team, SG-11, was sent to start a covert mining operation without the Salish's permission. Realizing the SGC's duplicity, the Spirits abducted SG-11, and impersonated the team, returning to Earth in their place.

After the Spirits' fears were confirmed, that the SGC would try to covertly mine the trinium from their planet, they decided that the Tau'ri were unworthy of a continued existence. However, SG-1 was able to convince them otherwise, and Daniel Jackson himself opened the dialogue between the Salish and the true forms of the Spirits, who went back to their planet in peace, intent on burying the gate. [1]


The Spirits, whose true name is a mystery, are considered one of the possible Furling candidates; their advanced technology and completely unknown history support the theory. The Furlings, members of the Alliance of four great races, are said to be powerful and advanced, with little else known.


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