Esteban "Star Man" Estrelló is an American-born Cuban rapper and a prominent member of the Three K Mafia. He may be a spic, but at least he's a white spic. A relative and close friend of Moon Man, Star Man bears an intense hatred toward communists. Like Moon Man, he is very old and powerful. While much of his life remains shrouded in mystery or conflated with legend, it is known that he spent time in Berlin during World War II, fighting for the Nazis.

Star Man was able to make it out of the war unscathed, save for a newborn hatred for all things communist due to his confrontations with the Soviet Union at the time. This hatred was solidified with the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

He was pen-pals with David Bowie in the 1970s, who wrote an eponymous song about him in 1972. He was partially responsible for Bowie adopting the Thin White Duke in the mid-70s, who was known for making pro-Fascist remarks and possessing Nazi paraphernalia.

He offered his stellar likeliness to Nintendo in the 1980s, who continues to use his image for the Mario Brothers games to this day, for which he receives royalties every time.

Works Edit

Star Man introduced himself on YTMND on August 24th, 2009. In the early stages of Moon Man's YTMND-based rap career, he recruited Star Man to collaborate with him on "Hit 'Em Up" and "PoKKKer Face". In 2015, Star Man returned to the studio for the White Blood EP, where he contributed to "One Shot Two Shot" and "The Fall of the Planet of the Apes". Later that year he made a more substantial contribution to The Star, the Cloud, and the Moon EP, even recording one solo track for the album ("Invincible").

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