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Stephanie (played by Julianna Rose Mauriello[1]) is a fictional main character from the children's television show LazyTown.[2] She inspires the citizens of LazyTown to stay active. She has pink hair and is often referred to as 'Pinky' by Trixie. She came to town to visit her uncle, Milford Meanswell, the mayor of LazyTown. At first, no matter how much Stephanie tried, she couldn't get the others to play along, so she asked for Sportacus' help. When Sportacus finally arrived, the whole town worked together to make LazyTown the best place to live. The show always ends with Stephanie performing a song and dance routine to Bing Bang, the show's ending theme.

Her anthem begins "Bing, bang, diggadiggadong."[3]

In the Icelandic version of LazyTown, the character is called Solla, and in the Danish version Josephine.

Stephanie is featured in the LazyTown DVD, in which she moves to LazyTown.[4] She was played by Kimberly Pena in LazyTown Live.[5] In Lazy Town Live! The Pirate Adventure Stephanie wears a pirate costume.[6]

Development and productionEdit

When asked in an interview, "How did you come up with the characters in LazyTown and what does each represent?" and "How old is Stephanie? (from Stephanie age six)," Magnus Scheving, creator of the show, answered, "We have Stephanie the girl, who is very positive....Or you may be like Stephanie and say 'What if I try that, or what if I do that?'...Stephanie when LazyTown started, she was nine years old, now she is getting much older, she is fourteen. She is fantastic, Stephanie (Julianna Rose Mauriello) came from New York, she was in musicals and also at school. She learnt the Icelandic language in just nine months... LazyTown is produced in Iceland. It is an extremely difficult language, just like English so I think she is incredible! She is also one of the most professional people I have worked with in all my life, incredibly professional. Julianna is a straight A student, schooled through the Internet, I've never seen anything like it she is amazing. Absolutely Incredible!"[7]

Physical depictionEdit

Stephanie's diary Edit

Stephanie has a pink diary with a heart on it. This book is where she writes about what happens in Lazy Town. In the episode 'Dear Diary' she shows it to all her friends. The pictures in Stephanie's diary are very detailed, and look exactly like photos, except in black and white. Her drawings, however, are only seen in the 'Dear Diary' episode.

Stephanie's purse Edit

Stephanie has a pink purse with a heart on it. Stephanie is seen carrying it very often. Stephanie carries in her purse her diary. At the beginning of some songs, especially Bing Bang, Stephanie tosses away her purse. In songs "Energy", "Clean-Up" and Bing Bang (from episode "My Treehouse") Stephanie doesn't toss away her purse.


Lyn Mikel Brown and Sharon Lamb declare that "Stephanie, the eight-year old on the fitness and health-focused show Lazy especially interesting. While she seems almost over-the-top stereotypical, with her pink hair, pink clothes, pink room, pink everything, she also plays sports, thinks on her feet, and loves computer games. She makes pink a power color but is the only girl on the show."[8]


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