"Story Time With Moon Man: Haseeb2" is a spoken-word track in which Moon Man presents his storytelling skills with a short and bloody tale about Haseeb2.

At one point during the story, Moon Man wonders aloud whether Haseeb2 actually has a sister. He does.

The recording appears as an interlude on track 9 of Singles: Volume 2.

Lyrics Edit

Hello, my fellow niggers. As you may know, I am a professional story writer. I write highly NSFW stories about different topics. So I finally decided to make a story about the faggotlord ooga-booga nigger Haseeb2. If you have any suggestions on what should I write next, or what I should modify to this story, then feel free to comment down below. With all this being said, let's begin.

It was a very sunny Monday. Haseeb2 wake up with a black cock in his ass. The fact is, he didn't do nothing about it. He also enjoyed it. When he looked to see who the nigger that penetrated him was, he realized that it was his dad. It wasn't that big of a surprise, so he took a knife and sliced that nigger's dick in little little pieces. Blood was all over the place, and he didn't have time to clean all that shit up, so he licked it. Who the fuck would do that? Well, Haseeb would, but whatever.

After he licked all the blood from the ground, the walls, and everywhere, he then realized his dad was dead even though he seen him alive with his dick in the back. Haseeb2 was very confused, thinking of who the fuck could've killed his dad. He looked at his window, and he then saw it. It was the Tribe K Mafia with AK-47s. He tried to kill them, but Moon Man smashed through the window and cooked him in the oven. He then took his dad and slammed him in his motorcar. The Triple K Mafia then disappeared, leaving Haseeb2 in a big-ass pool of blood.

A few days after, his sister called the police. Does that motherfucker even have a sister? I don't give a shit. The police came in and threw Haseeb2, then said that he was a worthless nigger that doesn't deserve to live, then grabbed his sister by the ass and started penetrating her through the pants. Moon Man smashed through the window once again and killed everyone in the room, because they were all niggers. They were all worthless ooga-booga monkey shit-smelling niggers.

Moon Man won. The end.