"Straight Outta Uzbekistan" is a Moon Man single produced by Uzbek Moonman. It is a parody of "Straight Outa Compton" by N.W.A. Uzbek White supremacist Alexander Slavros (aka Alisher Mukhitdinov) dj's the song.

This song appears on the mixtape More Than One Way to Skin a Nigger.

Lyrics Edit

[Dr. Dre] You are now about to witness to strength of street knowledge

Uzbeks With Attitude, Uzbeks With Attitude, Uzbeks With Attitude I coming straight outta Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan

When something happens in the south central of Samarkand Nothing happens, it's just another Uzbek dead Straight outta Uzbekistan Crazy motherfucker named Alisher Mukhitdinov From the gang called the Black Bones When I'm called off, I got a sawed-off Release the Zyklon B and the kikes are hauled off You too, goy, if ya fuck with me The FSB are gonna have to come and get me Off yo ass, that's how I'm going out For the jewish motherfuckers that's showing up Uzbeks start to mumble, they wanna rumble Mix 'em and cook 'em in a pot like matzo ball Going off on a kike like that With a gat that's pointed at yo ass So give it smooth Ain't no telling when I'm down for another gassing Here's a murder rap to keep yo dancing With a crime record like Anders Breivik MG for two is the tool Don't make me act like a dirty kike fool Me and you can go toe to toe, no maybe I'm knocking Uzbeks out the box daily Yo weekly, monthly, and yearly Until them dumb kike degenerates see clearly That I'm down with the Aryan brotherhood Goy, you can't fuck with me So when I'm in your White neighborhood You better duck 'Cause Alexander Slavros is crazy as fuck As I leave, believe I'm stomping But when I come back, goy I'm comin' straight outta Uzbekistan